Harry Potter e-book fever

25th April: Daily Telegraph reports that Harry Potter ebook sales top 1m in three days

27th March Guardian article about Pottermore

“Although the titles feature on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, they can only be bought from Pottermore. By selling the books via her own website, Rowling will be able to keep much of the revenue rather than sharing it with the publishers.”

“The first three novels cost £4.99 in ebook form, compared with a cover price of £6.99 for print editions, while the final four are priced at £6.99 in ebook compared with £8.99 in print.”

(Guardian newspaper article by Alison Flood, 27.3.12)

It is worth mentioning that JK Rowling has agreed that the Harry Potter e-books can be loaned through the Overdrive software commonly used in British public libraries.


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