Extreme Reading Photo Competition Winners – Summer 2014

Extreme Reading Photo Competition Winners 

This year our new photographer and designer, Josh Moses, had the tough task of judging the ‘Extreme Reading Competition’. This was done anonymously of course. We were inundated with amazing and creative photos and want to thank all of you for taking part. Look out for the display of all the entries on the panels outside the library and full list of runners up and highly commended.

KC cycling extreme photoMany congratulations to the winners: 

Wellington College Students

1st – Katya Chukseeva, (cycling in the rain in Moscow)

2nd – Dominic Atherton, (accidental scientist explosion)

3rd – Olly Cash, (cave in cliffs)

4th – Posy Coode,  (in the Blue Cave in Croatia)


Highly commended:

Will Dolbear, 9Bd (feeding an elephant)

Thomas Williamson, 9R (in a dragon statue)

Jamie Lunnon, 9S (jumping off a sea wall)

Jasmine Leavesley, 9Ap (swinging off a tower)

Felix Hooper, 9Bd (reading the Outsiders on a water ski)

Charlie Sellers, 9Bl (backflip off a boat)

Drew Cahane, 9Hl (reading on Inferno rollercoaster)

Archie Coode, 11Bl (up a mast on a ship)

Noah Pennant, 9Bd (Land’s end sign)

Eve Trainor, 9W (on a post in a lake)

William Creasey, 9L (mountain bike)

Kitty Nason, 9C (The Pyranees)

Harry Williams, 9Bn (waterskiing reading ‘Dipomatic Immunity)

Nils Bruening (top of mast)

Louis Ryan (reading with a dolphin)

Eagle House Students

1st – George Belcher, Eagle House 7 (on castle ruins)

2nd – Olly Whitehead, Eagle House (set of three photos of canoe going over rapids)

3rd – Ben Trunck, Eagle House (in the stocks)

4th – Sophia Grillo, Eagle House (long jump)

Librarians’ choice award – Sofia Albano (The Diamond Heist)


Winner – Mr Allcock (Head of Classics) on top of the Old Man of Hoy

old man of hoygb extreme reading