iPads for Learning – try one in the Library today

Here’s an excellent ScoopIt page of weblinks on the topic of iPads for Learning

It includes suggestions of the most useful and interesting educational apps and ways of using ipads during lessons.

We have 12 ipads in the Mallinson Library – available for use within the Library. Come and experiment with one today or read a newspaper on an ipad – The Times, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian all available in full colour with added features.

The National Geographic has spectacular photos and animations.

We’ve just added apps for Khan Academy (3,000 + educational videos) and Shakespeare – full text of all the plays, Sonnets, Poems and includes a Concordance.

WolframAlpha – available for Maths.




Lower 6th Extended Essays and EPQs

Great to see so many of you in the Library, sharing your interesting ideas for your essays.

For those of you we haven’t seen come and get advice on resources – check the catalogue, browse the e-library for electronic resources and talk to the Librarians.

Don’t forget to make a note of the sources you use as you do the research and when you cite a website always include the date you accessed it.

Remember you can use  people and interviews as sources so tap into the expertise around you.

 Useful links on the Intranet:

Referencing and Research policy at Wellington

Extended Essay advice from the Library




What a buzz!

“The lights are calming but the vibrant colours are eccentric – together they work really well! We love it. The staircase still looks fabulous.”

“The Library is amazing. Can’t wait to do some productive revision in the “Personal Pod”. Love the colours.”

“Modern and smart, lots of room for revision and it’s a light, airy, welcoming place.”

At 8.30am the crowds poured in – eager to see the transformed Library. Soon it became a hive of activity with lessons going on in the pods and individual study in all rooms. Harry O’Hare was the first to borrow a book, Leo Sutton tried out the first ipad, Jamie Allum helped set up the wireless mice and keyboards in the pods and Richie Wibbels was the first person to use the Library. It was fantastic to see pupils experimenting with the big screens and Mr Auger’s Maths lesson in the Physical pod. So many questions and ideas – plenty to work on in the coming weeks. We welcome your ideas for educational apps for the ipads and e-magazines and newspapers.

Thank you to all the pupils who are helping us get to know the new technology – informal ipad tutorials and for all your enthusiasm.

Mrs McGregor’s Creative Writing Club are coming in later today – no doubt  they’ll be inspired by their vibrant surroundings!