4th Form Bookspine Poetry in the Library

Mr Hicks 4th form class visited the Library yesterday.  After raiding the shelves for inspirational book titles they worked together in groups and came up with this wonderful poem:

A Monster Calls – a Bookspine poem

The fear of the Blackout shivers in the blood of the prisoner. I am David, an angel, with the ultimate weapon and rebel heart. I have a hunger for chaos and fire, a thing of the darkness.

But I dream on for a song of summer and search for happiness out of a clear sky.

Yet I am hell-bent on chasing the dragon

To the Northern Lights at the breaking dawn:

The heroes of the valley searching for the predator’s gold in a web of air.

But the prisoner – the man who knew too much –

Was going under.

But then, a monster calls.


A positive benefit of a rare Internet outage was a mass newspaper-read in the Garden Room of the Library!


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